Bryce Canyon is “One hell of a place to lose a cow.” Ebenezer Bryce

Hello Friends and Family!

We are now heading to our Alaska trip which is kicking off on June 7.  We have been having terrific adventures in the past few weeks!  As we started our journey, we were able to catch up with our cousins in Tucson, AZ, and hit some hot spots we missed when we were last out West. (Thanks cousins for spending some quality time with us! We will see you at Kayla and Matthew’s wedding in March!)

View from our Rig

On May 18, we arrived in Page, AZ, and stayed at the picturesque Wahweap Campground overlooking Lake Powell. The Campground sites are tiered which helps to provide great views of the lake as well as Navajo Mountain. We highly recommend staying there. Beautifully landscaped, we felt it to be more private than many we have stayed in before.


We hiked to Horseshoe Bend located in Glen Canyon. It’s an easy 2.6 miles out and back and provides stunning blue and green colors of the Colorado River against the red rock. Photos we took actually look fake. But they are not! We took them! Definitely worthy of a short hike. (Have to say that it was difficult to watch children not being parented walking freely on uneven terrain close to extremely steep, deadly, cliffs. Grrrrrr!)

While we were there, we next visited the Lower Antelope Canyon. It is necessary to have a Navajo Guide so reservations are the smart way to go. You can show up and if someone is a no-show, you may be able to join the group. We highly recommend going through Ken’s Tours. Thanks Christie for your recommendation on this!

Upon entering the canyon you are immediately stunned by the beauty of the natural rock formations. With the changes of light against the stone, we think any time of day would provide professional looking pictures.  Seeing the variety of stone formations and the smooth, weathered rocks deserves a first hand experience. If you have a bucket list, add this tour to it! The pictures below are the best of the 100+ pictures we took – all amazing.


The last day in Page we took a day trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Yes, you can easily do this from Page if you aren’t planning on doing the major hikes. We only hiked out to Bright Angel’s Point. Although it was a short hike, we were up so high overlooking the Canyon, it made me feel uneasy and I kept as far away from the cliff edges as I could.  We took some nice shots and had a cool beer relaxing at the Lodge enjoying our view of the canyon before heading back to Page.


Our next adventure, Bryce Canyon, was by far the most breathtaking of all the Canyons we have seen. (Of course that is just our opinion.)  We stayed at Ruby’s RV Campground located just outside Bryce’s entrance.

Bryce is extremely well organized with shuttles running every ten minutes which, conveniently for us, stopped at our campground. It was easy to get into and around the park. We hiked from the Sunset trailhead on the Navajo trail finishing at the Sunrise trailhead. This trail is extremely popular and it brings you to the bottom of the canyon then back up again.  Hoo Doos were so crazy!  Again, we thank Christie for her advice. If we had hiked in the opposite direction, the strenuous ascent up to the Sunset trailhead, would have been a tough way to end our hike.

Our suggestion for those who may be visiting the park in the future is to sign up for the Bryce Canyon Rainbow Tour. You can make a reservation up to 7 days in advance.  We are certain the tour fills up quickly during busy season. It is free to those who have an Annual National Park Pass, Senior Pass, Access Pass or Bryce Valid Entrance Receipt. There are two tours daily 9:00 am and 1:30 pm. Each are approximately 3.5 hours long. As noted above, with the appropriate access pass, it is free!  And, you are not allowed to tip the guide either so it is truly free!

Our Guide, April, is a local and deeply rooted in the area.  She had many stories she shared and provided information on history, geology, flora and fauna, birds, and wildlife in the canyon.  April was entertaining with jokes and chatter as well.  The 3.5 hour tour was over before we realized it. Do it!

We wrapped up our visit at Bryce with a trail ride starting on the Sunrise trailhead and descending into the canyon.  This trail is not open to hikers and provided a different view of the Canyon.  It was a bit unnerving as many times the horse or mule likes to walk along the very edge of the cliffs.  On the hairpin turns, I closed my eyes knowing that my horse, Sassy, didn’t want to fall off the cliff either. I fell in love with her over the next few hours as did Kenny with his horse, Patricia. Both were beautiful animals, comfortable mounts and just perfect for us. It is well worth seeing Bryce from a different angle, on one of these gorgeous, surefooted animals.

We are extremely fortunate to be born in this glorious Country! Kenny and I are grateful very day that we are able to visit these spectacular jaw dropping places. Our next stop will be Zion.

Until next time, we pray all are doing well and/or improving in health. Please know we miss you everyday but feel we must try to complete our never ending bucket list. We raise our wine glasses to toast to all:

“Sail away from the safe harbors. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  Mark Twain 


4 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon is “One hell of a place to lose a cow.” Ebenezer Bryce”

  1. Fantastic photos Debbie and Kenny! Looks like a fabulous trip on the way to what will be another fabulous trip! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


  2. You got MUCH closer to the edge at the horseshoe bend than I did…I was unbelievably nervous with the height and sheer dropoffs there. It is so much fun for me to relive my trip through yours, and I’m forwarding it to Mary, who starts her RV Utah trip next week! Love to you both!!


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