We are alive and well and now in SC (we have included some silly pics we have taken on our journeys)

Just writing to let you all know that we are alive and well.  I will provide no excuse for not posting on our blog 4+ months.  Can’t blame that on anything else but that we were having a great time playing at and around Flagler

Our huge joy was that we were adopted by a group of welcoming campers who become our family during our time at Bulow.  Honestly, they were our saving grace.

While there, Ken and I joined the gym, took Yoga 2x/week, took Tai Chi 1x/week and took nice walks/bike rides mostly at Lehigh Trail but also at Bulow Plantation.  And off-the-leash walks with Uma at both locations.  After all this exercise , you’d think we are in great shape!  Kenny is, me not so much.

Upon arriving to Flagler Beach, we had set up a list of things we wanted to do with Susan and Mark A.  And, we actually completed all of our goals!  We accomplished the following:

European Farmers Market, Daytona Beach, Daytona Flea Market, Hamburg Mary’s Drag Show, Universal Studios, Blue Man Group, Swimming with the Manatees, Platoon Boat (saw dolphins playing!), Shot guns on Mark and Susan’s property, Airboat ride at Black Hammock (Alligators!).

All of the above was checked off!  So much fun!

And with our forever Flagler Beach friends, we attended the Thanksgiving feast, Victory cruise (gambling on the water), Valentines dance, Paddle Boat dinner and river cruise – Daytona – Halifax Harbor, and Happy Hour at 4:00ish every day.

In January we had a vacation from our vacation and met up with Susan and Mike S. in PR.  OMG the condo that Susan and Mike secured was amazing!  Our FL friends, Susan and Mark were kind enough to take care of Uma while we were in PR.  (When we returned to pick her up, she barely acknowledged us and instead showed us where she slept and her new home.)  Honestly she truly wanted to stay with them and was rather sad when we took her back to our RV space!

My sister Patty visited us for a week and spent most of her time worshiping the sun but it was nice to see and spent time with her.  Congrats to her!  She finally put her big girl pants on and flew (by HERSELF) for the first time!  So proud of her and hope she’ll do it again.

Jackie and Billy (brother and sister–in-law) came to visit when we moved to Pine Island for a week. Another vacation from a vacation.  During their visit we reconnected with our CT RV friends Susan and Mike as they were vacationing at a beautiful rental home on Santibel Island.  Our other CT RV friends, Cindy and Lenny traveled down as well so it was a nice reunion.  With Jackie and Bill we had a low key visit, enjoying the pool, the jacuzzi and each other’s company at Pine Island.  So happy to see all.

We don’t know what journey we are on next but we did make a reservation at Bulow for next winter to rejoin our friends we met at Flagler Beach.  Whether we use it or not, who knows, but unless something different occurs, we have a home for this coming winter season.

IMG_5629We arrived at Point South KOA in Yemassee, SC, where Kenny and I are WORK KAMPERS!  Yes, we are working at a KOA.  Long story short, on a whim, we applied for the program and once we applied, we were interviewed by KOA owners in the next two days.  We accepted our positions at Point South KOA, SC and started training April 11.  We are both loving the people and the work ethic, their fun amenities which include a deluxe coffee bar, wine tasting (boutique wines from local wineries), and amazing pizza (which is one of my duties).  Pretty cool, I have to host wine tasting occasionally.  Poor me, Right?

We have been preparing for Nikki and Dan’s wedding in Fryeburg ME on 6/3 so will have a break from our new fun-filled jobs.  We are very excited about their wedding and spending their special day with the friends and family we so miss.

So, if you are in the area, please come visit us.  We will be working but only part time and would love to see any or all of our friends.  Our new address is: c/o Point South KOA, 14 Campground Road, Yemassee, SC 29945.  Great base for travel to Charleston, Savannah,  Beaufort, or Hilton Head – all are day trips from this base.

I feel like we are bragging that our lives are so rosy.  Just know that we have our struggles but there is no need to share those problems with you.  We are having adventurous travels which do include some travel challenges.  Good times, so far, have certainly overpowered any issues we have had to deal.  We are grateful every day for our health.  For any of our friends that are suffering, we pray for you!

Hope you enjoy the silly photos from our travels!  And, FYI, we have upgraded to a 2008 Georgetown XL by Forest Town rig.  Had a few problems with the rig initially but all is well now.  A tale for a different time.

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Until next time, we lift our wine glasses and toast to you:

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.  Dalai Lama