Oregon and Puget Sound – Friends and Family Fix

Hello again friends and family!

We hope this post finds all well in your worlds.  

So, it has been a while and we have been up to more fun things.   Although we are still enjoying our travels very much, we are missing hugs from our kids and grandchildren.  Spoiler alert – we plan to visit CT for the month of October and we are looking forward to reconnecting with all.

Since our last post, we’ve traveled quite a bit.  We visited our friends, Patty and Peter, in Albany, Oregon.  The trip from Yellowstone to OR was just gorgeous.  We are continuously amazed by the beauty of our county.  Each state offers up some gem to enjoy.  They moved from CT to OR last year and they graciously showed us their new home and their new state.

Oregon Coast – Gorgeous right?

We explored Albany, visited the coastline of OR, and took a spectacular hike in Silver Falls State Park.  Imagine seeing 10 waterfalls on one hike and you actually walk behind several of them!  In Newport, we were amused watching the sea lions fight over their spots in the sun.  We stopped by their daughter’s home and met their cutie-pie granddaughters.  They are charmers for sure!  We had plenty of time to enjoy their company, take local walks, eat yummy meals and catch up with them.  Peter and Kenny even visited the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum (home of the Spruce Goose) and showed off Peter’s ’56 Chevy in the Red Robin Classic Car cruise.  It was a great week exploring OR and we appreciate that we were able to spend time with them.  

No one is allowing the little guy on their docks!
Silver Falls – on trail looking down
Fawn right outside Deb and Gabriel’s slider

Next, we moved on to one of the San Juan Islands to visit Kenny’s cousin, Deborah, and her husband, Gabriel.  We hadn’t seen them in years and reconnecting with them was very special.  We had an adventure taking the RV on the ferry from Anacortes and were lucky enough to have a front row view.  Our time with D & G was the most relaxing time we have had since we left CT.  There is something about “island time” that calms the mind and lets you just be.  The island is so cozy and the clean, crisp air so good for the soul.  We had our own private meadow to park and were just a few minutes walk to their place.  Over the course of that week on the island, we did so many fun things with them.  We went to an Open House party where everyone on the island was invited!  Everyone brought “pot luck” to share and it was fun to meet so many people at one time!  We had a tour of the island, the library, the historical center and the chapel at the nunnery (stunning!).  Kenny and I took a long walking tour one day wandering around the island where in one walk we saw, in order of appearance: horses, deer, long horned cattle, and alpacas.  What a splendid walk/hike!  What a splendid island!

Gabriel motored us over to different islands (Orcas, San Juan, Lopez) for different dinners.  Ken and I took the kayaks out for a view of the island homes from the water.  We attended a “family fun” county fair on San Juan, took in the view of the San Juan Islands archipelago from Constitution Mountain.  Stunning – stunning – stunning!  Deborah and Gabriel, thank you for enriching our lives with your stories, the North Haven Island DVD (glad there was Kleenex handy!), your books, and letting us peek into your life on your island.  

Chapel at Nunnery
San Juan County Fair Dahlia Judging

After sadly leaving Gabriel and Deborah, we visited Seattle to see our youngest daughter’s friend, Cino.  She moved to Seattle from Hawaii last year and has settled into the hustle and bustle of the city as an EMT.  She’s doing so well!  Only a special type of person can take on a career as an EMT and we are so proud of her accomplishments.  It was great seeing her (and Karen!) even if it was only for a short time.  

The next day, we traveled back to Seattle to see the Chihuly Glass and Garden Museum.  It was a perfect, sunny day to admire the resplendent gardens and galleries.  The Space Needle is right next door but we didn’t take the trip.  However, the Space Needle is captured as a reflection in most balls that are in the Garden within Chihuly as well the backdrop from the glass flowers in the greenhouse (see pictures below).  Truly, dazzling!

Blue Gardens
Space Needle Reflection
Greenhouse with flowers of glass – Space Needle behind
Ikebana & Float Boats Gallery
Persian Ceiling Gallery

Before leaving Anacortes, we took in a few hikes in Deception Pass State Park.  In the park, you didn’t have to climb too high to take in some magnificent views of the ocean. A short drive brought us to the Deception Pass Bridge where we were able to get some great shots.  Happiness is hiking on a sunny day under shady trees along any bed of water.


Maiden of Deception Pass
Kenny along the edge of a trail at Deception Pass
New favorite tree, Madrone, along trail at Deception Pass State Park

We thank God everyday for protecting us during our travels especially during the difficult steep mountain descents where Debbie always has to close her eyes.

 Until next time, we lift our wine glasses and toast to you:

One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.   Henry Miller

7 thoughts on “Oregon and Puget Sound – Friends and Family Fix”

  1. Reading this after a long travel day ton Pismo Beach, CA…closer to you than I’ve been since March, but still so far away! I’m loving your travelogue and miss you both😘😘


    1. Have fun with your family! Going to my first rodeo tomorrow. We will be back in CT Sept. 27 or 28. When are you taking care of your grand babies? Right after you leave CA? Miss you BFF. 😘😘😘


      1. Dear Debbie and Kenny,
        What wonderful experiences you are enjoying. I’m jealous, but very happy that you could do this adventure. It is fabulous to see and all that you are doing.
        We will be very to see you. Safe journey back home.
        Love Annette


  2. I am glad you are enjoying the Pacific NW, one of my favorite places.
    It’s a small world, I have camped in a friends yard in Albany a couple times.

    We are currently in Taos NM, heading for TX soon.
    Hope to see you in Oct. We should be in CT by the 15th.


  3. So glad you got to visit Debbie and Gabriel and create more special memories. Love you and miss you both! Can’t wait to see you soon❤️


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